Wednesday, February 25, 2009

If I Had a Little Celebrity Black Book...

Good grief, Tom Selleck is a good looking man. Why is it so many men just get better looking with age? He is HAWT.

There are some older men in my "celebrity to-do" list. This is OK, I think. I've also included Christina Hendricks and Tina Fey. And Madonna, who at age 50 is considered a two-fer.

At a glance, men who were men before I was born (and I would marry any of them):

Tom Selleck

Alec Baldwin

George Clooney

Jon Stewart

Howie Long

Of course, I don't discriminate. I love men closer to my age, too:
Seth Rogan

Jason Segel

John Krasinski

Michael Buble

Vince Vaughn

Jemaine Clement

and, retired forever at my number one spot:

Heath Ledger

Now that I look at this list, I notice one common thread--not looks, not age but funny. These are all funny people.

This girl likes funny boys (well, men, that is).

Who are your celebrity crushes?


Lou said...

Great post J. I will carry on the theme and link back to you.

Dr Yobbo said...

Poor Bret. Jemaine gets all the attention.

Simon said...

Michelle Pfeiffer is pretty damned good looking for fifty too. It’s the cheekbones you know.

yankeedog said...

"Why is it so many men just get better looking with age"

You know, Jen, I ask myself that every morning when I look in the mirror... :)

Good choices (I guess) for the guys. Selleck and Clooney come off as being fairly decent people, as celebrities go. Good to pick people that have some humor, along with the looks! And I know Vince Vaughn has humor, and some fatalism-he IS a Cubs fan, after all...

Bagpuss said...

Great list.
Funny men win me over every time.
One of my celeb crushes is Jonny Lee Miller.

Flinthart said...

Hmm. Michelle Pfeiffer? Oh, yes. I'd go there.

But... Jen, about that Jemaine bloke. You know he's from New Zealand, don't you?

Lunamor said...

John Cusack will always be my #1.

Indantatia said...

JEMAINE!!!!! I love you so much more for posting this. I will follow, just as Lou did, and link back to you as well. I have to agree with you on Jon Stewart and Seth Rogan. I would rock both of their worlds.

uamada said...

Well i'm going to add a list of chicks if all the other guys won't
in No order
Brooke Corte (Aussie sky news reader)
Christina Ricci
Ellen Page
Natalie Portman
Selma Blair
Zooey Deschanel
I have to stop there because i think i spotted a pattern - (it's smart girls if you missed it)

Greg said...

Cher, lol

sas said...

bloody hell we have the same spank bank!
can I also add Paul Merton and Alan Davies...

TheLubeFaerie said...

Good list. I had the hots for Magnum PI back in the day. My favorite is Colin Farrel. I love those dark Irish MM HMM~

Steve said...

Salma Hayek
Katarina Witt
Pat Benatar
Carice Van Houten
Gina Bellman

(as you may have guessed.....accents and dark hair, although Pat Benatar is on the list simply because she was one of my first crushes as a teen)

jennicki said...

Lou: Thank you, m'dear!! I appreciate it.

Dr Yobbo: Jemaine's the funny one!!

Simon: Michelle Pfeiffer is very good looking, at any age thus far. But she has such a "cold" look it's a bit off-putting to me.

yankeedog: well if I was you, I'd ask myself the same question as well! ;D

Sense of humor is muy importanto with me. I think I made "importanto" up, but I like it.

Bagpuss: Thank you. Jonny Lee Miller...I have no idea what he looks like, just know he was at one time adopted by or married to Angelina Jolie. I guess she didn't see him as a collector's item.

Flinthart: Yes, he's from New Zealand but as it seems to go with your two countries he's #2 to Heath Ledger's #1.

Lunamor: Ooh John Cusack is a good one!

Indantatia: Thank you dahling. We can share Jemaine, Jon Stewart and Seth Rogan if you'd like. I'd be OK with rocking Seth's world while you're rocking Jemaine's, for example. Poor Jon Stewart will just be waiting in the wings.

uamanda: That is an awesome list, and I think I may have to steal some of your picks for my "in case I switch teams" list.

Greg: Cher!! You'd like to turn back time with here? ;D

sas: You have great taste, sistah.

TheLubeFaerie: See I have so many relatives back in Ireland I just can't allow myself to crush on Irishmen. Chances are we share a family tree.

Steve: That's a great list...Salma Hayek has some big...eyes. Big, beautiful, brown...eyes.

Steve said...

By the way, I do have an exception to my accents fetish: Boston, and that gum-smacking Long Island accent.

As for Ms. Hayek, well, let's just say I wanted to high-five that poor little African baby that she was breast feeding.

Chez said...

HA! Tom Selleck!

When I was younger, I used to spend a stupid amount of time in the "sick" room of our elementary school office. Basically - it was the coat room for the secretaries that had a cot for children such as myself with "nervous stomachs." Anyway - one wall was covered with pictures of Selleck. Clearly, all the secretaries had the same crush.

Dr Yobbo said...

Ironically Bret was the one who was the rock star, he quit his day job in one of NZ's most popular bands (the Black Seeds) to do the Conchords thing full time. Jemaine seems to be missing a consonant in his name but definitely does a better Bowie impersonation.

K.A. Bell said...

I think it's impossible to list since there's so many. I get such grief for having these lists, but what the hell...and these are just a few of the actresses, there's also some musicians I can put on here...
Drew Barrymore
Katherine Heigl
Elisha Cuthbert
Scarlett Johansson
Leighton Meester
Rachel Bilson
Eliza Dushku
Mila Kunis
Kristen Bell

miss amy said...

We have the same taste! I love, love, love Jemaine. I would have to add Gerard Butler.