Monday, April 19, 2010


An Explanation

The truth is, you really don’t want to know. What happens, that is. How it all unfolds. Because if you find out you’re going to get what you want—being inside that picture window—you won’t want it anymore. It won’t mean as much. It will be as extraordinary to you as oxygen—you only crave it when it’s no longer available to you.

If you find out that you’re not getting what you desire, you give up. You let that heaviness consume you, and close your eyes as the blackness engulfs you. You won’t fight for it. Your life that is. You simply look up and watch it all fade away as you sink further and further down the rabbit hole.

And that is what keeps you at the edge. That’s your answer. It’s simple but the most powerful tool you have.



Barnesm said...

According to some versions of the Greek Myths that was what Pandora managed to trap in the box, and if see had let out the last curse it was the ability to see the future. Since if we knew how the rest of our lives would progress then hope would die.

Quokka. said...

Hi Jen

good to chat to you last night. Next time I will not have a cocktail inside of me. I don't normally drink and it took three sips of that thing to knock me flying.
Urm...its 6.30am here and I need a cup of tea and to snuggle up with the cat for a bit...just wanted to touch base and say something other than 'Wheeeee...and Yaaaaah...' which is generally all I'm capable of when there's alcohol in my system.
Oh, and us girls have slunk off to Morgana's blog to chat, moan and giggle. Link above, if you would like to pop in and join us.

Everyone's getting very excited about your visit, BTW. Medway was telling me all about it when you rang. I think I was showing him photos of my cat. That's what I usually do when I'm drunk.

OK. Back to bed with me and my hangover.
Lovely to talk to the girl from Kalamazoo, at last.
xox Quok

bigskygirl said...

I hold fast to hope. it's all that keeps me believing.

love you.