Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Grow a Brain

I keep coming across anti-immigrant posts in my Facebook newsfeed, and I feel like I need to clarify a few things.
My husband is a legal immigrant. We worked very hard, and spent an insane amount of money going through immigration red tape. We are still not even finished, four years after starting the process - Matt is on a temporary, two-year visa that will be up for review later this year. It will include more money, a ridiculous amount of paperwork, more fingerprinting, more interviews in Detroit, as well as an invasive examination of our private life, all to prove that we are a real couple and not trying to scam anyone.

Matt made up his resume and went on interviews for his two legal jobs. He did not "steal" these jobs from you, or anyone you know. He didn't walk up to some random worker and go, "I'm taking your job now. Leave."
He pays taxes like everyone else. We actually owed money to the IRS this year, and we paid it promptly last month.

Matt is not "living off the government." As a matter of fact, one of the terms of being a legal resident here is that you have to sign a waiver stating that you will never apply for any government financial aid.

So no, my husband is not stealing your food stamps or collecting unemployment.

I find it infuriating that the same people who constantly bemoan immigrants living off the government have also, in their lifetime, lived off those very same services.

I am not judging anyone for that. Everyone needs help now and then. There's not one person among us who hasn't fallen on hard times before.

My point is, don't rant about other people taking government handouts when you have done the same.

For those who argue that the rampant xenophobia here is based on illegal, rather than legal, immigrants - prove it.

For once, show some real stats showing these people are stealing those coveted migrant worker jobs that all US citizens are clamoring for on a daily basis. Please show us all the luxurious items these illegal persons can purchase with their fistfuls of government wealth.

Being a citizen is a privilege you were born with - not something you earned. The immigrants I know have worked harder to be here than any of us who were simply born here by circumstance.

Show some of that Christian spirit and compassion that is so often talked about but rarely seen.

Have a heart. Grow a brain. Mind your own business.


Michael Barnes said...

Surely I can complain about him since America's gain is our loss. Who knows if he had remained perhaps he could have been the one who stopped the rise of Tony Abbott, we will never know.

You could repay Australia by you reciprocating and become Australian, live six months here and six months there, I guessing you would choose the summer months for both.

Michael Barnes said...

"Grow a brain" ahh that takes me back to my high school science project. They called me mad.

jennicki said...


NaRong said...

Who knows if he had remained perhaps he could have been the one who stopped the rise of Tony Abbott,

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